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The origins of Team Brownsville

This post was written by Sergio Cordova

It was one hot evening in July of 2018 that I, with a group of friends first crossed the Gateway International in Brownsville, Texas with a mission to take food and supplies to the asylum seekers that were living on the bridge, waiting to cross come into the United States to seek asylum.

We decided that day to make a small video clip during our trip crossing the bridge on foot. That was the first time the words “TeamBrownsville” were used, as we did not have an official name.

We were just a small group of friends that were trying to do the right thing and help the people that had no home, no country, no belongings, nothing. We did not realize that day how our lives would change and how #TeamBrownsville would evolve and be known worldwide. I say worldwide because of the many media sources that have covered our journey throughout the world.

#TeamBrownsville has two missions. The first is to help the asylum seekers at the bus station. When asylum seekers are released from the detention centers, they are taken directly to the bus station. Most have nothing but the clothes on their backs. TeamBrownsville volunteers assist them by providing a meal, shoelaces, bags, toiletries, clothing, snacks, and water. Volunteers also provide the asylum seekers with a map and explain the journey and bus changes. Other legal information is also provided.

The second mission is to assist the people living on the Gateway International Bridge. TeamBrownsville volunteers providing breakfast and dinner to about 70 people daily. The volunteers also assist with clothing, tents, mats, shoes, toiletries and other items as needed. Legal advice is also provided at times when volunteer lawyers are available. Medical care is sometimes provided when volunteer doctors are available as well.

TeamBrownsville has now grown to include local folks and many friends that join us from out of town. Some join us to help us physically, and other help us by providing donations and funding. Together we are #TeamBrownsville.

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