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Escuelita de la Banqueta

Since July of 2019, thousands of asylum seekers have been stranded in Matamoros, Mexico due to the Remain in Mexico policy established by the US immigration authorities. Among these stranded people are many children - living in squalor with nothing to do. These children, like all children, need to learn. Team Brownsville volunteers have established a school program called "Escuelita de la Banqueta" to provide basic instruction in English, math, geography and other subjects to the children as they wait. 

The Escuelita is a multi-age program from newborns to adults who come to listen to 4 or 5 teachers teaching 10 to 15 minute mini lessons in math, reading, social studies, geography, music, basic bilingual terms and corresponding activities. Children sit on the concrete plaza and listen while participating actively in all active learning activities.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the escuelita classes are taught by asylum seekers. Donations cover the costs of school supplies and help with living expenses for the teachers. 

Program leader/coordinator: Melba Salazar-Lucio


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