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Team Brownsville provides a humble breakfast to families waiting for the chance to legally cross the border and seek asylum. These families are living in a concrete plaza on the Matamoros side of the Gateway International Bridge. 

We are currently contracting with a local restaurant in Matamoros to provide breakfast at the plaza seven days a week. Volunteers are welcome to participate in the breakfast program by bringing any of the following items. 

If you are bringing items to distribute at breakfast, please plan for about 350 people. Suggested items that volunteers can provide are:


  • Cut fresh fruit

  • Baked goods

  • Juices

  • Wrapped snacks for later in the day

To cross into Mexico, you’ll need to bring a passport and $1.30 in quarters + a nickel. It’s about a half a mile to get to the plaza, a relatively short walk. 


Program leader/coordinator: Michael Benavides

Email: michael@teambrownsville.org

Please consult with other members of the volunteer team for the days you are working about distribution of clothing and supplies at the bridge. It can get hectic if you are not very careful to setup a process that allows people to wait in turns in an orderly fashion to avoid conflicts arising from competing claims to the same donated items. 

Note: Team Brownsville contracts with local churches in Matamoros to serve water twice a day in the plaza for the asylum seekers.