Humanitarian Assistance for Asylum Seekers

Together we work to help asylum seekers who find themselves in Brownsville, Texas and at the Brownsville/Matamoros international bridges.

Team Brownsville was founded in July 2018, by a small group of like minded educator volunteers. Since that time, our membership and our mission has expanded with the help of volunteers and donors from around the globe.

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Team Brownsville volunteers help families and individuals legally seeking asylum in the United States. 

The team currently manages four programs.

Breakfast at the bridge

Dinner at the bridge

Escuelita de la Banqueta

Assistance at the bus station


Corona Virus Update (COVID-19)

Due to the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus COVID-19, Team Brownsville is asking all volunteers who have travelled on airplanes, through airports, on public transportation, or in an area with community transmission of the virus - refrain from volunteering with Team Brownsville until further notice.  If you currently have plans to travel to Brownsville via air or come from an area with community transmission, please contact our volunteer coordinator at to update your plans.

Providing a basic breakfast to families living outdoors the Gateway International Bridge

In Partnership with World Central Kitchen, Team Brownsville volunteers deliver, and serve delicious meals to families waiting for the chance to legally cross the border and seek asylum - and those who have been returned to wait in Mexico for their dates in immigration court.

facilitates “La Escuelita en la Banqueta”
which provides classes for children
awaiting asylum in Matamoros

As asylum seekers are released from detention at the bus station, in Brownsville, our team greets them with a smile and whatever assistance they need to get to their destinations

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


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